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2 & 3 May 2019 - Leisure & MICE

Lebanon has always fascinated! For some, here the future of humanity is played out as religious, ethnic and cultural mixing represent a hope of "living together", which disappears in many parts of the world.

This small country of barely 10,452 km2 where 18 confessions cohabit, conceals a cultural treasure. With its 65 km wide and 215 km long, Lebanon is home to remnants of Phoenician, Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, Arabic, and Ottoman civilizations and cultures, among many others that have left their mark.

Lebanon is also an art of living with its fashion, design, cuisine, pubs, restaurants, shows and festivals.

An unsuspected world is hiding at the gates of Europe. It was Europe (Erb), daughter of Agenor, king of Phenicia, who gave the Old Continent its name, and it was the Phoenician merchants of Byblos who transmitted to us the present alphabet. From then on, what could be more natural than to discover this destination that sounds like a return to the roots.

Whether you are a tour operator wishing to schedule Lebanon or an event organizer looking for exceptional destinations, Visit Lebanon is the meeting point between international professionals and the Lebanese tourism industry.

If you would like to program the destination and discover its attractions make sure to subscribe to the Hosted Buyers by clicking here !

150 seats are available, with full support for the flight, 5 star accommodation and familiarization trip.

Visit Lebanon is a unique experience that offers you the perfect opportunity to:

Get inspired

A top-notch opportunity to expand your list of key suppliers from all the Lebanese regions

  • Beirut
  • Byblos
  • Baalbeck
  • Cèdre
  • Tripoli
  • Beqa'a
  • Sidon
  • Tyre

Meet with...

Meet with a wide range of service providers, you won’t meet anywhere else

  • Regions and destinations.
  • Hotels & Hotel Chains.
  • Event venues and conference centres.
  • Exceptional places (palaces, historic sites, museums, etc.).
  • Incoming agencies.
  • Transport companies: airlines, car rentals, etc.
  • Restaurants & shows, entertainments and special venues.
  • Vineyards & Castles.
  • Service providers and all the technical and technological solutions you need.

Save your precious time

Our appointments making system is designed to bespoke your own diary.

You target the exhibitors answering to your needs and projects, for a real time optimization.

Join trendy conferences

Join trendy conferences and exciting presentations about hot topics:

  • Visit Lebanon offers the perfect platform to get to know better the destination.
  • Various short presentations provide an insight view about its Tourism industry through hot topics.
  • Presentations give you all stunning details about ongoing developments and what regions have to offer.

Boost your network

Enhance your network and connect with your peers!

Visit Lebanon is a great balance of business and pleasure! Targeted meetings, delicious freshly cooked meals, energizing coffee breaks, and exciting event evening add an essential extra to the 2-day program! Not to mention post tours events. The perfect environment to strengthen fresh relationships and get connected on a higher level!

Extend your stay...

Extend your stay and experience the "real Lebanon"!

By participating in Visit Lebanon, you can access to the Famtrips programme (limited places). The perfect opportunity to discover the diversity and richness of the destination !