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2 & 3 May 2019 - Leisure & MICE

"Visit Lebanon 2018" is a unique international forum dedicated to the promotion of Lebanon among Tour Operators, travel managers and Event Organizers (MICE) worldwide. Event organizers are agencies, corporations, and international associations.

"Visit Lebanon 2018" allows the local offer (hotels, agencies, DMCs, event venues, congress centers, restaurants with shows, airlines, etc.) to meet international hosted buyers with a particular interest in the destination or having a concrete project.

Local businesses will also be invited.

International Hosted Buyers

  • Visit Lebanon welcomes Hosted Buyers from the Gulf countries (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc.), North Africa (Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, etc.), Europe (Cyprus, Turkey, France, Italy, Greece, Russia, etc.), Asia (Iran, etc.), South and North America.
  • The Hosted Buyers are fully supported by the destination (airline tickets and accommodation) and participate in a famtrip after the forum.
  • Meetings between Hosted Buyers and exhibitors are carried out on the basis of pre-arranged appointments, where the exhibitor and the buyer access their profiles and set appointments according to the respective interests. It is necessary to count 1 appointments every 20 minutes, with Networking lunches between the professionals.

Local buyers

  • Although visitors mainly come from the issuing markets to Lebanon, local buyers will naturally be invited to this two-day professional meeting.
  • They are mainly directors of local or international companies based in Lebanon. Come as visitors, directors, purchasing and financial managers, directors of marketing & communication, agencies of communication and events.
  • The sectors represented are the banking, telecom, financial, pharmaceutical, food and industrial sectors, laboratories, event and communication agencies, associations, etc.

Highly qualified visitors

  • 100% of the visitors were qualified.
  • Only providers (hotels, agencies etc.) who have reserved a table can exhibit. A guarantee of profitability for exhibitors and a guarantee of quality and seriousness for buyers.
  • Each buyer is contacted and qualified by our teams, to ensure that it carries a real interest for the destination or a concrete project for Lebanon.
  • The support of the offices of the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism and Lebanese federations for tourism.
  • A buyers' validation commission composed of Lebanese professionals (within federations, hotels, agencies, congress centers and reception centers) will validate our selection of buyers according to their projects and their potential for Lebanon.

A unique positioning

  • 100% Lebanese exhibitors: regions, hotels, hotel chains, reception centers, congress centers, event venues, etc.
  • 100% pre-set appointments: an exclusive access to the behavioral base of Hosted Buyers allows you to select the profiles most adapted to your products. A targeted appointment every 20 minutes, watch in hand!
  • Business Lunches are also dedicated to networking between buyers and suppliers.
  • A program of conferences: an opportunity to discuss the themes of the moment and trends to come.
  • Moments of Networking: Visit Lebanon is a clever mix of business and pleasure! Delicious meals, energetic coffee breaks, and the Event Party add an indescribable character to the program during the 2 days. Without forgetting the Famtrips! A perfect environment for developing your new relationships!

Number of exhibitors limited to 50

  • Booking Deadline : April, 8nd 2018
  • The guarantee of an ROI for each exhibitor.
  • Only professionals who have reserved a stand can access the meeting. A guarantee of profitability for exhibitors and a guarantee of quality and seriousness for buyers.
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